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Since 1999 we have specialized in the development of retail bingo software applications, games, and utilities.  We also develop custom bingo applications.

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Create Bingo Cards QUICKLY and EASILY!!

Welcome to the IBA Bingo Card Maker homepage. If you want to print a few or thousands of bingo cards, if you want to customize your printable bingo cards and do it easily IBA Bingo Card Maker is the product you need.

IBA Bingo Card Maker  is a bingo card printer or bingo card generator that allows you to create and print customized bingo cards.   If you need 3on's, 6on's, 9on's, 12on's, or whatever type of typical bingo card you need, this software can accommodate your need.  You may also use your own words and pictures in place of numbers, or pre print the patterns on your bingo cards.  This software comes in two flavors, Bronze and Silver.  Bronze if for people who need basic cards and Silver is for those who need complete customization making their bingo cards.

Printing Bingo Cards is simple with IBA Bingo Card Maker. You can created your first set of 100 standard bingo cards in as little as 5 clicks.  IBA Bingo Card Maker also has many other features you may need in order to accomplish your task quickly and inexpensively.

Try before you buy! A Demo is Available in the downloads section.

IBA Bingo Card Maker was created as a result of IBA Bingo Flashboard's inability to print and create bingo cards.  See the history of IBA Bingo Flashboard for further details.  Since its original inception as a basic 30-50 bingo card printer in May 2006, IBA Bingo Card Maker has undergone several major changes and has become a bingo card generator that can create more than 1 million unique bingo cards1 and incorporate over 1 million possible customizable combinations2 making it one of the most feature rich bingo card printers in the world.

1 This number is estimated based on our 64bit algorithm used to create the bingo cards.
2 Each features doubles the number of feature combinations and the software has over 20 features.


"...the bingo cards turned out great for the [bridal] shower last weekend! I got a lot of compliments on how nice they looked!" - Colleen Clinnin

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