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Since 1999 we have specialized in the development of retail bingo software applications, games, and utilities.  We also develop custom bingo applications.

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Within this page you'll find everything downloadable that resides on this website.

Win7\Vista Setup Instructions

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IBA Bingo Flashboard
IBA Bingo Flashboard
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Complete If you have a version prior to (May 1st, 2013) or this is your first time downloading.
Update If you have a version since (May 1st, 2013)  then you may download this version to update your current version.
BETA Only download this version if you have been instructed to do so by a member of our support staff.
Update This is an update to the above BETA.
Win7 / Vista Special instructions for installing under Windows7 and Windows Vista.
25K Cards If you would like to use IBA Bingo Flashboard to print bingo cards you need to download this file.  When you have it downloaded you must extract this zip file and place the contents in "My Documents\InterBA\bcmproj".
DXW Edit If you would like to make your own version of our audio files you may download and use this tool.  We do not support this tool with any kind of help.
Spanish We already have Spanish files you can use for your Spanish game.  Simply place this file in your IBA Bingo Flashboard program folder.

More Info IBA Bingo Card Maker - Box Shot
IBA Bingo Card Maker
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Complete Regardless if you already have the full version, download this package to update your IBA Bingo Card Maker to the latest version.
Win7 \ Vista Special instructions for installing under Windows7 and Windows Vista.
BETA (v 1.32.1) Only download this version if you have been instructed to do so by a member of our support staff.

Free Software
(Click Name to Download)
Ophelia's Bingo World The last version of Ophelia's Bingo World.  A stanard bingo game.
IBA Pattern Editor If you would like to make your own bingo patterns for all of our bingo products then download this file.  The software is simple to use. 

Click a cell and it becomes "active".  Click the same cell and it becomes "inactive".  When you are done activating your desired cells, save the pattern with a unique name.
IBA Bingo Simulator IBA Bingo Game Simulator allows you to see how many calls it takes for the 1st person to win a bingo game right down to the number of calls it takes for the last person to win.  Do it over and over again so you'll know what to expect and how to design your games, especially if you wish to reduce your chances of having multiple winners.
Blank Bingo Cards
Standard If you want an image of a standard bingo card with B-I-N-G-O across the top and the center box marked free space then this bingo card is for you.
No Free Space The same as the above bingo card, however, the free space square is blanked as well.
No Label The difference between this bingo card and standard is this bingo card does not have the B-I-N-G-O label across the top.  The label boxes are blanked.
No Label or FS The image of a bingo card has neither the label across the top (it's blanked) or the free space square.
CSV File Download this file if you wish to see a sample format of the CSV file that our software uses to process bingo numbers.  Regardless of how many actual bingo cards will display on your bingo page, our CSV file format only places 1 card per line in the CSV file.  Therefore, a CSV file with 10 lines of bingo cards will work for a project file of 10 bingo pages with 1 bingo card per page or a project file of 5 bingo pages with two cards on per page.

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