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Since 1999 we have specialized in the development of retail bingo software applications, games, and utilities.  We also develop custom bingo applications.

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Custom Software

Thank for your interest in our custom software service.  We have made several custom applications or modified our current software line in order to meet the needs of a customer.  We currently do not do any web based custom software.  We typically charge $250 per custom job.  Depending upon the changes you would like to make we may charge more or less.

Here are some basic terms you'll have to agree in order for us to agree to do your request.

  • We do not offer any exclusive rights to any of the custom changes we make.

  • We reserve the right to sell the same custom change to another client for the same or different rate. e.g.  If we spend 16 hours on your project and you pay us, we can then sell those changes to another client for the same or different rate.  We didn't do anymore work however, we billed two different clients for the same work.

  • We do not offer refunds on any software.

  • We request a $50 none refundable deposit to start work, the balance is due upon completion.

  • If two weeks pass and you have not responded to neither our email or phone inquires, depending upon the state of the software we will inform you that you have forfeited your $50 or we will bill you for the work we have done up until that time.

  • We reserve the right to turn down any job for any reason.

  • Custom Jobs at the $250 price tag can not exceed 12 hours of programming time.

Some of these practices may seem unfair but we believe everyone benefits.  Our clients benefit because the software cost remain low.  Software costs remain low because we are able to spread the cost of custom work among several clients.  We benefit because inexpensive jobs enable us to do more of them and improve our software.

All of our transactions are processed via MyCommerce, a leader in credit card processing.
We except many forms of payment and each payment is secure!

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