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Since 1999 we have specialized in the development of retail bingo software applications, games, and utilities.  We also develop custom bingo applications.

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IBA Bingo Flashboard - Features 

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IBA Bingo Flashboard is one of the most feature rich bingo flashboard applications in the world.  The software does more than just display a typical bingo flashboard, it also provides an area for you to post your other game related information including pattern information.

If that's not enough, the software improves the professional appeal of your games by allowing you hide the configuration and menu options on another screen while the bingo flashboard displays on another.  If you need a low cost bingo flashboard solution then IBA Bingo Flashboard is the software you need.

Dual Monitor Support. You may use one monitor to display the controlling buttons and menu items and another to dedicate to the flashboard.     X
Automatic Calling     X
Manual Calling     X
Limited Power Outage/ Computer Failure Restore. May restore your last game in case of a major computer failure or power outage.     X
Change the Bingo Letters to any letters or words you wish. (Limited by available space)     X
Current and Previous Called Numbers Highlighted on Master Sheet. (can be disabled)     X
Access to Our Bingo Card Customization Wizard - Card Class Editing - The ability to change, for example, the number of balls used in a bingo game from 30, 75 [default], all the way to 250, or change the number of rows and columns of bingo cards from 3, 5 [default] to 10.  You can also create multi-card bingo patterns.     X
Secure 64-bit Random Number Formula     X
You may swap the master sheet (default: on bottom)  with the game information (default: on top).     X
Software Calls the Numbers for You (can be disabled)     X
Pre-Selection of Patterns     X
Over 300 patterns pre-installed     X
Pattern appears on screen along with the name of the pattern.     X
Current Number, Current Round, Total Rounds, Winner Count, and Ball Count Displayed on Screen.     X
Multiple Customizable Information Boxes.     X
You can display your own messages in the marquee.     X
25,000 Printable Bingo Cards     X
Automatic Bingo Card Checking (check your file type with us)     X
Standard Bingo Card Checking (check your file type with us)     X
Winner Displayed on Marquee (can be disabled)   X
Stop Watch     X

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