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IBA Bingo Flashboard  - Support 

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This is the support page for IBA Bingo Flashboard If you need assistance with any other product, please click on the support link at the top of this page and select the correct product.

We accept support emails 24 hours a day 7 days a week.
Please allow at least one business day before resending support email.

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Win7\Vista Setup Instructions

Known Issues & Bugs Software is rolling out  a blank page between each card.
  • Before you start a print run, print 2 or 3 cards first.  Then print the remainder of your cards. 
  • This issue has not been duplicated on our test system.
  • Possible fixes
    • Make sure (in your printer driver settings) that print separator page or blank page is not selected.
    • Make sure suppress blank pages is selected.
    • Search the web for other solutions regarding blank pages printing between data pages.
    • Check your drivers to make sure they are up to date.
    • Use the basic drivers instead of the full featured drivers that come with your printer


  • We have updated our CSV file format to more align with the default of the indursry.  So long as your CSV file supports [Letter][Column][Card Number] format we will be able to read your CSV file.  We have also instituted an alias system so that we can easy use your custom page number/ serial number headers in our software.

  • Individual card checking is now avaible!!  The head scratching is now over and if you wish to check your cards by invidual you can.  The page numbers are still there so you can use either one, however, you have to choose one or the other before you load your project file.

  • You can now hide the info boxes you do not wish to see.
  • You may now adjust the height, width, and location of any box.  (Pattern Display Box Excluded for now)
  • You may change the height size of the top half/bottom half of the flashboard.
  • You may change the width of the pattern display.
  • New Default layout for the information boxes.  It makes box 3 a short box and makes the number caller box much larger.s


  • The Double Action feature was fixed.  The cards should load correctly now.
  • Pressing the "M" or [CALL] key also calls the bingo number when in automatic calling mode.


  • An option which will allow you to disable Automatic Calling and force usgae of using the "M" or [CALL] key to call the numbers.


  • When manual calling enabled, you could no longer see the the display of the number you entered.

  • Index out of range error after you load patterns and then close the setup screen.



  • Closing the project before closing the "Check" screen caused an access violation error.

  • Multi-Card Patterns were not viewing correctly and had not been updated to the "card block" format we now use.

  • Help file should now open in WinVista or better windows operating systems.

  • Running the software on a user profile (instead of administrator) would cause free space to disappear and cause cards not to "win" correctly.

  • Last Round now loading correctly on startup.

  • The switch menu item is now disabling properly.

  • Pattern List does not crash if all of the items are removed and you exit the setup tab.

  • Pressing H does not crash the software.


  • When changing card classes the software will now prompt you in more places to select a corresponding pattern class.

  • All previous pattern class patterns contained in the playlist are saved and reloaded when that pattern class is active again.



  • You may now disable specific cards on the {Setup Screen}.  All cards with a "check" will be played.  This feature is compatible with our new internal card block format which means each card in a multi-card pattern are treated as the same since all the cards are necessary for winning.


Known Problems

  • Their are a certain sequence of menu item clicks that will disable every column in a pattern unless use all columns is checked.  Resetting the game fixes the problem.

  • "TPlayerCollection is in Error" error message.


  • Under Menu Item "Help | About", "IBA Bingo Card Maker" was changed to "IBA Print Engine".  This was done to make clear licensors of IBA Bingo Flashboard do not  necessarily have a license to IBA Bingo Card Maker.


  • Progress Bar for long operations.
  • An option for determining how long winners are displayed in the marque by cycles.


  • New method for opening and closing projects is faster.
  • When using automatic mode and not using the game count mode, cards do not reload after each around.  (This practice was unnecessary)


  • When the number of automatic players equal the number of pages the system would not allow you to proceed past the page configuration question.
  • Fatal Number Calling error when the software fails to load the language files.


  • Some computers may see a player collection error when opening projects.  This has no effect on game play.
  • Some computers may show access violation errors when closing a project after the card check screen is displayed.

  • You can now change all the labels on the flashboard with the override check box.
  • You can hide the pattern name via the options menu item.
  • The Auto Caller / Stopped / Paused etc messages can be display in English or Spanish.

  • Some monitors did not like our new method of aligning the screens.   We have choosen a diffrent method which should be more compatible.
Version 1.26.3
  • If you exit the software while using a pattern class other than "normal pattern" the software will crash on restart.
  • When attemting to move an item up or down on the pattern selection list, all of the patterns would be highlighted.


  • Feature which allows French speaking people who wish to create their own language files the option to use their number system calling convention.

Version 1.26.1


  • Pressing the F7 button would crash the software.
  • When using the helper window and clicking on the winner list, winners were not added to the list after the first one when using standard checking mode.
  • Windows 7 was clipping the main menu when the software first opened.
  • Predetermined List warning box was appearing on the wrong screen.
  • The software now uses offsets correctly.
  • Press the check button when the check screen was already open crashed the software.
  • Restore function was not including the round or the pattern list index.


  • A feature located on the helper window which allows you to check many cards at one time.  Multiple cards are not displayed, but when one card view is closed, a new one will display.

  • A feature which allows for the auto closing of the bingo card viewer, which displays after you click the check button.  You can also set the time, in seconds, until the windows closes.

Version 1.23.6


  • +Pat and -Pat buttons would not change the pattern when a project was loaded.
Version 1.23.5
  • When using the picture option, the wrong picture was showing for the current number.
Version 1.23.0


  • Update of software caused Release Winners to blank the cards, making all cards unwinnable.
  • The software is calling out some numbers "back-to-back" without any delay.
  • After so many numbers are called with the voice turned off the calling accelerates and can't be changed.


  • When using dual monitors
    • A new window allows you to change the labels on your flashboard without having to go to the setup screen.
    • A new window allow you to check the cards/view them without the huge check card screen displaying.
  • Added some more options when disabling sounds.
  • Added the ability to name your rounds so that instead of 1, 2, 3 etc., you can name your rounds Red, Blue, Yellow, etc.

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